From 2007 Budapest Beyond Sightseeing guides ’socio-cultural’ walking tours in the hidden downtown of Budapest, the 8th district.


We are pleased to inform you that from 25th July 2011 an extraordinary treasure-hunting tour also begins, in Budapest Inner City (old town of Pest, 5th district).


About the 8th district:

Before, the 8th district was considered the nightmare of tourists (and Hungarians as well). The area was said to be dangerous, slummy and strongly advised to avoid.

Although the 8th district is continuously developing, the changes remained unnoticed and the strong negative stereotypes against the 8th district remained.press of BEYOND BUDAPEST SIGHTSEEING
We feel we happened to stop this bad automatic response with inventing and guiding the ‘socio-cultural’ walking tours.

We present this very special and contradictory district, in order to break stereotypes, to show a real and happy face of Budapest.

We use creative tools to illustrate the past and we generate face to face meetings to understand the present. Our aim is to inspire for openness, for optimism.