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Little Vatican in Budapest

If you want to gain an insight into the lives of the Jesuits, Promontorians, and Cistercians, how they managed their institutes, how they survived during the Socialist era as well as after the fall of the iron curtain, this tour is for you.

Art and creation in the 8th district

We recommend this tour to those who are interested in the fine arts, the process of creation, and artists. We visit hidden places, courtyards that retain the memory of Hungarian artists and their secret creations. 

The Gas Factory of Óbuda - WALKING TOUR

Get a glimpse of of the most modern gas factory of the early 20th century, the worker's everyday lives and festivals. 

Walk in the Shipyard of Óbuda

We discover the surprising Hungarian boat-building industry through the glory days of the Boat Factory and the haunting ruin of today. 

The Golden Age of the Hungarian Literature

Our walk discovers the Golden Age of the 19th century when the 8th district was Budapest's Soho, when cafés were the most important meeting points, when the greatest artists were walking up and down the streets just like we do.

Walk in the deserted Jewish cemetary

On the tour we gain an impressive insight into Jewish burial traditions and the Jewish aristocracy of the 19th century. 

Aristocracy on one side, servants on the other

Do you know who built todays Metropolitan Ervin Szabo Library and how this building provided luxury to its owners? You can find out on this tour...

Budapest Palace quarter

An amazingly elegant tour in the Palace Area of the 8th district. Legends come alive, you can even feel the long passed world of the Hungarian aristocracy in the air.

Secret sights Budapest Downtown

We wander around the winding streets of the old Pest, the Inner City.
During the playful and local-history based walk we discover miracles together. 

Socio-cultural walking tour

Are you looking for Hungarian reality? Don’t simply be a tourist: experience!

Feel the contrast between the luxury palace district and the time-worn backstreets of the slummy district.

The Stars of the 8th District

The advanced Jewish Budapest tour starts with an illustrated introduction about  Hungarian Jewish culture, focusing exclusively on the 8th district’s Jewish community.

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